Property Guide

Buying property tips:

  • Identify your budget range.
  • Determine your requirements, needs and make checklists of your questions.
  • Start searching for property, arrange viewings, and send us your requirements.
  • Explore the whole prospective area, not just the streets.
  • Visit the area at different times - is it a quiet road at 6pm, but full of noisy people around etc.
  • Check the demography, lifestyle and consumer choices of the neighbours.
  • Ask residents for tips, advice and grass root opinion.
  • How far are the local amenities and other facilities like school, hospital, shops etc?
  • Make an Offer for property.
  • Offer accepted: Do necessary document checking and legal work.
  • Finalize agreements, sign contracts, and settle payments.
  • Your purchase is now completely finished!

Selling property tips:

  • Valuation - identify market price of property
  • Prepare the property in a presentable way.
  • List your property with us
  • Arrange viewings for clients
  • Negotiations on price
  • Accept the offer.
  • Provide necessary documents, do legal work, make contracts
  • Your sale is now completely finished!

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